【MONITOR TOUR】Monitor tour coming up Experience the waterfall purification. A Shinto ritual!

Date: September 11th (Tue) morning
We will be doing some activities under the waterfall at Ogashira shrine which is about 1,400 years old.
*For men there will be “Fundoshi(loincloth)”, “Hachimaki (headband)”
(Okay to take home)
*For women there will be rental “Shiro syozoku(white clothing)” (Wear white T-shirt, white spats under the “shiro syozoku”) *Towels will be available for free.
It is an Shinto ritual so if you are wearing any colored and(or) printed clothes you cannot join the ritual!
Place: Ogashira shrine, Imose waterfall
Fee: FREE (Check the required rules)
Maximum number of people: 10 (the accepting application will be closed as it reaches the number)

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